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Unmanned Vehicles

Fascinating modelling, the development of the vehicle
structure and parts fully conforms to the concept of unmanned vehicles.

  • Autonomous Minibus
    Autonomous Minibus
    Fascinating modelling, the development of the vehicle structure and parts fully conforms to the concept of unmanned vehicles.
  • Autonomous Tour Bus
    Autonomous Tour Bus
    The autonomous tour bus can be widely used in scenic spots, airports, golf courses, campuses and plant areas. The autonomous tour bus integrates sensors such as laser radar, millimeter-wave radar, camera, GPS and IMU combined positioning system and realizes accurate perception of the road environment and the state of the vehicle itself.
  • Autonomous Shuttle Bus
    Autonomous Shuttle Bus
    Which can carry 24 passengers and the maximum speed can be up to 40km/h; The battery adopts lithium iron phosphate and is loaded with a thermal management system, which can adapt to complex environmental applications;
  • Unmanned Sterilizing Vehicle
    Unmanned Sterilizing Vehicle
    The unmanned sterilizing vehicle adopts high-precision combined inertial navigation, millimeter wave radar, ultrasonic radar and etc., and effectively achieves the functions such as automatic spraying, preset trajectory, remote control, obstacle parking and automatic parking and etc. through multi-sensor fusion technology.
  • Community Unmanned Distribution Vehicle
    Community Unmanned Distribution Vehicle
    As to the new generation community unmanned distribution vehicle, the separate design is used for the compartment body to be equipped with different demanded containers according to different retail businesses in the community, which can be scanned for pickups or become mobile retail vehicles and etc. Using L4 level autonomous driving capability and multi-sensor fusion solutions such as laser radar, ultrasound and cameras, it has the traffic capability of low-speed autonomous driving in the complex community environment.
  • Airport Autonomous Shuttle Bus
    Airport Autonomous Shuttle Bus
    It has L4 level unmanned driving capability. It can realize autonomous planning driving route, autonomous driving, autonomous obstacle avoidance and other functions by typing in the destination. It can be used for airport ferry to provide passengers/staff with short-distance shuttle service; and the unmanned shuttle bus can achieve autonomous patrol according to fixed routes and support the airport intelligent security construction.
  • Unmanned Sweeper
    Unmanned Sweeper
    The unmanned sweeper has the functions of precise positioning, sweeping route recognition, surrounding perception and etc., which can complete road sweeping, cleaning, garbage removal and transportation tasks within the designated area based on real-time perceived environmental information.

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